Crochet butterfly twists anyone?

The past few months have had me searching for different ways to style hair. Braiding is always a classic with cornrows sharing the title (in our opinion) followed by other not so popular looks. We wanted to try out those other ones and find out if it is something we could offer our clients here in the Oulu region... and wow! We could not be more amazed by the variations. 

It's a shame that people don't take the time to learn of all the other protective styles as much because they are so beautiful. There truly is a hairstyle for every head type, shape and color out there. 

Our big focus for this blog post though is the crochet twist. I was contacted be a Sudanese lady with short (and sparse) hair. She was searching for someone who could install some twists that she'd purchased on AliExpress but was anxious due to her hair length. 

Let. Me. Tell. YOUUUU!!! Her scalp was soft and her hair was long enough to use X-Pressions #1 pieces to add some length to her hair. By doing this, we insured the base hair was strong (and long) enough to hold the weight of the extra twists. This process elongated the duration of hairstyling but she was eager to see the result. Afterwards, the twists were attached individually with the lengthened piece pulled through the middle of the twist. Simple.

We take time to learn about our clients' needs and hair types so we know how to best fulfil them. Without this process, well, we don't believe we could deliver personalised and excellent customer service.


What do you think?