Doing Kids' Hair

After much deliberation, we have decided to move up the service of caring for children's hair. We are passionate about learning and teaching our audience in the art of caring for curly/ kinky hair types, beginning with young ones. This does not only involve the teaching of styling the hair but also the attitude towards caring for the hair itself. Kinkier hair types tend to be drier and damages easier. Kinky hair is a delicate hair type that requires so much moisture and time. In the past number of months, Auri has styled a few heads with type 4C hair that has required more adherence to the L.O.C Method (Liquid Oil Conditioner). 

Having said that, she found it more beneficial to apply a liquid (moisturising conditioner with aloe vera) first followed by a leave-in conditioner (HBA LOVES ORS Hair Mayonnaise for any hair type. It is so versatile!) then an oil to seal it all in (almond oil or avocado oil for finer hair types, castor oil or olive oil (or both) for thicker and kinkier hair types) to type 4 hair. 

It is understandable, especially given that the mothers are Finnish and have straighter hair, that the hair is not fully combed through. In these circumstances, the hair is combed through with a detangler which doubles down as a light conditioner.


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