Extreme Styling


I have been experimenting with my styling lately. For anyone who follows me on Instagram (@hairbyauri) you would have seen my posts and the absolute crazy lengths that I'm ok going through for a style.


It started with my usual, small braids. I decided to use three different colors - The #BLUE, #PU and the #BG(which was actually more pink) but my appetite for trying something different got the better of me...


I plaited the braids all the way to mid calf. Yes, I was that crazy. Needless to say, it looked good but was too much. Sleeping was impossible because, well, where do you put all that length? I had to cut them. 

 In mid October I decided to try it out once again, but with larger, box braids. I used seven (YES! 7!!!) packets weighing a torturing 1.15 kg on my scalp. I looked absolutely beaudacious and would recommend the look to anyone who wants to stand out and absolutely SLAY a once off look. But heed my words, the headaches and neck tension will come if kept for more than a couple of days. 

I had the hair in for 5 days before I needed to take it out and massage my scalp. 

My Tip: If you want to do something extra special or try out that look, do it. Do it in a safe way and allow yourself to explore ideas. Hair is hair and some cultures believe it is a sign of beauty. Why not use it to express your unique creativity?