My learning curve

"Practice makes perfect"

I have been doing almost all my own styles this year (2020) and have gotten a few requests to do hair since registering the business in the Autumn. I am more interested in curly and coily hair as it is so unique and differs from person to person - even within families!

I had the chance to do a clients hair that behaved similarly to how mine did when I was younger. It was beautiful; soft but thick with glossy curls that wrapped nicely around a finger... ! (queue deep, satisfied sigh)

...continuing on... It was a pleasure to do her hair as being creative and expressing that is what I stand for and having the opportunity to help her try something new was a blessing. I currently have difficulty braiding onto others' hair as I flip the braid (it's a work in progress) and found that her hair was sticking out at the ends. 

Anyone who braids knows this leads to dry ends and breakage - and the exact opposite of what a protective style is! I reached out to other more experienced women in Finland.

What I learned: Most, if not all, people need a bonding agent that holds the hair ends together. Some (like me) use conditioners and oils while others might need something stronger. The most recommended product is Ampro Shine and Jam which moisturises and holds hair in the braid. 

But what could I do for my client? She looked bomb with her medium sized, waist length braids (I used #2, #4 and #6) and I didn't want this to deter her. I found some beads, shells, thick gold string and black elastic string and wrapped the ends in as well as adding some beads to dress it up.

The end product was so much better and had more attitude in it. The subtle mix of colors, introduction of strings and of additional accessories made her look unique.