Unicorn hair? It's a thing...

This week I posted about doing a 10-year old's hair with unicorn colors, coincidentally picking the perfect combination for her. It's summertime and one of the best times to try splashing some color into your wardrobe (and HAIR) and she showed me that exact point. 

Her mother expressed concern about braiding after hearing about the damage tight braids would cause finer hair types. This particular client has longer than normal baby hairs in the front of her head as well as at the nape of her neck: hairs that could snag and break under unnecessary tension.

During our consultation phase (something I like to do to better understand the hair type, condition and goals of my clients) we agreed that slightly looser braids would be ideal with little cornrows holding in the little hairs and therefore reducing strain during the braiding process and lifetime. 

The mother was thrilled. The girl... couldn't be happier to have box braids in her hair with Unicorn colors ( her current obsession). The braids were lightweight and could move without pulling the scalp and snapping precious little hairs. 


Every braiding client is different, making every hairdo unique and with its own challenges. I love the challenge of accommodating my clients' perfect style with their hair type and head shape.


Check out our Reel of this process. Or you could also see the posts and clips of this style.